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Small and Powerful

More intense than traditional hand-held devices, the UC-3500 packs a wallop in a mobile compact machine. Treatments are virtually painless, with only a mild warming sensation as the body increases its natural healing powers. Designed originally for licensed salon professionals, the UC-3500 is well-suited for home use. With an adjustable intensity setting and 3 specialized electrodes, the unit provides powerful, yet customizable, high frequency skin treatments (for both face and body) with each electrode having its own individual function. The UC-3500 Professional High Frequency Machine is a portable skin care device used to promote youthful looking skin and treat skin conditions like acne. This machine is more powerful than traditional hand-held devices and portable enough to move from room to room.

True to it’s portable nature, the UC-3500 does not require a conductive gel in order to operate flawlessly. However, a finishing skincare product such as Palacia’s Hydroptimal Cream (for dry/mature skin) or Nutritive Balancer (for oily/acne prone skin) is recommended after each treatment, to achieve optimal results.

High Frequency Treatments Are Used For:

  • Acne/ Blemishes
  • Diminishing Blackheads and Skin Impurities
  • Smoothing Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Reduction of Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles
  • Improvement of Skin Complexion
  • Increasing Blood Circulation
  • Prevention of Hair Loss (with comb electrode)

What Is The High Frequency Current?

The high frequency current is an alternating current called the "Tesla Current". This current can produce 60,000 to 200,000 hertz frequency, depending on how it is regulated. The frequency indicates the repetition of the current per second. High frequency treatments may involve placing the electrode directly on the skin (direct high frequency) or leaving a gap between the electrode and skin (indirect high frequency). The glass electrodes are filled with a gas, either Argon (produces a violet /blue appearance) or Neon (produces an orange /red appearance).

The electrodes come in both colors of Argon Gas (violet-blue) and Neon Gas (orange-red) for different target treatments.

What Is Direct High Frequency Treatment?

The Direct High Frequency Method is an external application which produces a germicidal effect through ozone formation of the skin’s surface via the glass electrode. This is where the air sparks between the electrode and the skin combines with oxygen. In the direct method, the Esthetician or individual users directly put the electrode in contact with the treatment area and move it gently over the surface of the skin. For a stronger or more stimulating effect, place a piece of dry cotton gauze in between the electrode and the skin to create sparking

What Is Sparking?

Sparking is a technique used on acne-type lesions and blemishes. This is done by placing layers of dry, cotton gauze over the skin, and generating a gap between the skin surface and electrode. PLEASE NOTE: Never create a gap that is more than a quarter inch in size, as tissue destruction can occur and the skin may heal leaving brownish marks. Be sure to use dry gauze because water conducts electricity. The dry gauze will also help glide the electrode on the skin, as well as absorb any excess residue.

What Is Indirect High Frequency Treatment?

The Indirect High Frequency Method is great for relaxing the muscles without utilizing any pressure. This method requires two people to perform the treatment; therefore, it is not for home use.

The Indirect High Frequency Treatment is ideal for clients who cannot tolerate hard pressure, but want to have stimulation to firm up loose skin. This method stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic fluid and sebaceous secretion, while also adding hydrating oil back into the skin. This is not a technique for oily or acne prone skin, but rather for use on mature and aging skin.

With the Indirect High Frequency method, two individuals are actually creating a circuit current. The client holds the device handle with one hand, and the glass electrode with another hand, and the circuit will be completed once the esthetician puts her / his hand on the client. The esthetician then gently massages the client in light circular motions. We recommend using Effleurage massage techniques. The Esthetician and the client will both feel a tingling sensation on her/his finger tips.

How Can A High Frequency Device Help To Treat Acne Or Problem Skin?

An important effect that high frequency creates is an anti-bacterial action. With high frequency skin treatments, a chemical reaction causes the emission of ozone into the air. Ozone is a form of oxygen which has germicidal properties and is extremely beneficial for treating Seborrhea or acne skin.

What Is The Difference Between Argon And Neon Gas?

Both Argon and Neon gas are beneficial to our skin. Argon gas produces a violet-blue color appearance in the glass electrode and is used on acne-type lesions. Neon gas is generally used on oily skin and mild acne, and produces an orange-red appearance in the glass electrode. Neon Gas is also recommended for dry/mature skin by enhancing product absorption, reducing fine lines, and improving skin texture & tone.

(NOTE: It is the ELECTRODE (not the machine base-unit) which produces the gases.

What Does A High Frequency Treatment Feel Like?

High frequency treatments do not stimulate motor or sensory nerves due to its high oscillation; thus, no muscle contractions occurs. However, it stimulates the surface tissue, and creates a mild warming sensation, which enhances blood circulation, metabolism and lymph fluids. During the treatment, you may feel a tingling or mild stinging which is normal for high frequency treatments.

Do I Have To Be A Professional To Use A High Frequency Device?

No, you can enjoy using the UC 3500 (or HF-1000) in the comfort of your own home. You are able to utilize the direct and the DIY methods. The indirect method must be done with an esthetician present. It’s important you read these instructions thoroughly, watch the video and if you have questions before your treatment, call Palacia Skin Care and get a free consultation with a licensed esthetician.

What Type Of Electrode(s) Should I Use?

High Frequency treatments involve a variety of electrodes. High Frequency machines come with different shapes/styles of electrodes and each have an unique function.

Mushroom Electrode - This is the most common tool that can be used to cover larger areas.
Point or Pencil Electrode - Provides a far more concentrated application, specifically for use on blemishes.
Comb Electrodes - Are designed to revitalize the scalp and treat dandruff and hair loss.
Indirect Electrode - The indirect electrode can be a cylindrical glass electrode, a metallic bar, or a cylindrical glass electrode with an inner metal spiral and targets those facial muscles which need relaxation.

Which Products Should I Use With A High Frequency Machine?

To prep dry/mature skin before treatment, we recommend using Palacia’s One Step Gentle Cleanser, Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub and Hydrating Mist. For oily or acne prone skin, we recommend Palacia’s One Step Gentle Cleanser only. To nourish the skin post treatment, we recommend either Palacia’s Hydroptimal Cream (for dry/mature skin) or Nutritive Balancer (for oily/acne prone skin) to achieve optimal results.


  • Voltage / Hz: 110V - 120V / 60Hz (this device is designed for 110V, not 220V)
  • Wattage: 3W / 2.5W
  • Oscillation Rate: 60,000Hz - 200,000Hz
  • Size: 20(L) x 5(W) CM
  • Weight: 1KGS

Cleaning & Maintenance:

  • To clean the electrodes, you can use a sanitary cloth which does not contain alcohol or a cloth used with a soap and water solution.
  • DO NOT immerse the electrode directly in water. Place only the end into a sterile solution for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water, and dry with a clean towel.
  • DO NOT place electrodes in an ultraviolet machine or in an autoclave.
  • ALWAYS store the electrodes and High Frequency machine back to the original case for better protection.


Be sure to set up your treatment area away from metal edges and remove any metal objects from your body such as jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.) to reduce chances of electrical shocks*

Start with clean skin that is free of lotions, powders, sprays, etc. When glass electrodes come into contact with topical products, there is an increased chance of experiencing electrical shocks. To prevent any residue, clean the UC-3500 machine, the electrode-holder handle and the electrode connector with an alcohol moistened cloth before use.

*Electrical shocks from high frequency machines are not uncommon, nor considered dangerous whatsoever.

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